Utilizing BIM for Sustainable Architecture

An analysis and continuation of my graduate thesis at the University of Texas at Austin.


ACDDC:  Austin Community Design and Development Center

ADU:  Accessory Dwelling Unit

AEC:  Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

AFI:  Alley Flat Initiative

AHFC:  Austin Housing Finance Corporation

AIA:  American Institute of Architects

ANT:  Actor-Network Theory

ASHRAE:  American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers

BIM:  Building Information Modeling

CAD:  Computer Aided Drawing

CCDC:  Clarksville Community Development Corporation

CDC:  Community Development Corporation

CHDO:  Community Housing Development Organization

CoA:  City of Austin

CTSIP:  Central Texas Sustainability Indicators Project

ESHF:  East Side House Farm

FAR:  Floor-to-Area Ratio

GBP:  [Austin Energy] Green Building Program

GIS:  Geographic Information Systems

GNDC:  Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation

GSA:  General Services Administration

IAI:  [buildingSMART] International Alliance of Interoperability

IPD:  Integrated Project Delivery

NGDC:  National Geophysical Data Center

NHCD:  Neighborhood Housing Community Development

NIST:  National Institute of Standards and Technology

R&D:  Research and Development

ROI:  Return-On-Investment

S.M.A.R.T.:  Safe, Mixed income, Accessible, Reasonably priced, Transit oriented

TCAD:  Travis County Appraisal District

UTCSD:  University of Texas Center for Sustainable Development

UTSoA:  University of Texas School of Architecture

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